Early Career Talent

At FutureMatch, we connect your company with the best early-career talent to suit your needs giving you a competitive advantage over each stage of the recruitment process

Our Team

At FutureMatch, we excel at connecting organisations with early career talent. We understand what it takes to attract and convert early career candidates into well-matched applicants. We know how to accelerate an organisation's ability to attract and hire early career talent because early careers are our passion and our purpose.

Driven by insights and obsessed with data, we live by the principle of hiring the best and most suited talent in the most effective way possible. We recognise that the world of work is evolving rapidly, and candidate priorities are shifting. In early careers, the adage "you can't be what you don't know" holds true. This is where we thrive. As recruitment experts, we harness the power of our iON platform to enhance branding and precisely target the talent pool you seek, engaging with candidates in ways they understand and connect to. Leveraging real-time data, we innovate and collaborate with you to help you be more precise, intuitive, and efficient. The experience you get from FutureMatch is unrivalled.

Recruitment is our passion, and unlocking the true potential of early career talent is our obsession. Driven by this, we make talent acquisition easier for you.

Your success is our mission, powered by our platform and our people.

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Kufa Matiya


Make more educated decisions by predicting future skills requirement and gaps to identify, recruit and develop their workforce planning strategies more effectively

Image of Freddie Wales

Freddie Wales

Business Operations Manager

Freddie is the backbone of our operations strategy, ensuring a smooth day-to-day. With a track record in marketing, operations and finance, he plays a crucial role in steering FutureMatch towards success.

Having already worked on the brand for two years, at the latter end of 2023, Freddie joined the team on a full-time basis as Chief of Staff.

His role involves working closely with each department to deliver the business strategy and implement strategic planning.

Image of Rachael Millard

Rachael Millard

CMO Advisor

Rachael is our Strategic Marketing Officer. With a wealth of experience in marketing, she provides invaluable insights to our marketing team. As an adviser to the whole Marketing Team, Rachael plays an important role in shaping our overarching marketing strategy and ensures it aligns with our business goals.

Image of Ola Adigun

Ola Adigun

Product Marketing Manager

Ola is our Product Marketing Manager. With a keen understanding of market dynamics and customer needs. She crafts a strategic plan that highlights the value our products bring.Having already worked as a product marketer previously for 3 years, at the beginning of 2023,

Responsible for promoting our value to the target audience, lead generation strategy and ideation, and best mix of marketing content; for creation and distribution.

Photo of Hilary Osei-Tutu

Hilary Osei-Tutu

Social Media Coordinator

Meet Hilary, our in-house Social Media Coordinator. Her academic journey began with a focus on law and business at Portsmouth University.

However, despite her initial field of study, she developed a passion for marketing. Following her newly found career path, Hilary made the decision to pursue her interest and joined the Future Match team in September 2023.

Our Solution

FutureMatch leverages advanced technology to streamline and enhance the early career talent acquisition process and enhance the early career talent acquisition process. Our technology allows organisations to access, hire and retain a dynamic talent pool at scale in a cost-effective way. Our iON platform supports organisations through every stage of the talent acquisition process:

  • Talent Planning and Attraction: We develop robust hiring strategies and use innovative methods to attract the right talent for your roles.
  • Engagement and Conversion: Utilising our tools we create dynamic content to engage candidates and optimise their journey from application to hire.
  • Assessment and Analytics: Our conversational AI analyst and analytics platform enables talent acquisition teams to gain real time data insights of the recruitment process, empowering them to make better informed decisions across the process.

From talent strategy to conversion, our solution enables organisations like yours to maximise your recruitment marketing efforts, attract and engagement with the right talent, at the right time for the right roles, build hiring pipelines of matched and engaged talent whilst reducing the cost per hire, and time to hire.

Revolutionise your early careers talent recruitment

When early careers talent apply for roles in organisations, it is not to simply reach one of two destinations: to be hired or not hired. They are entering a lifecycle, giving organisations the opportunity to build career-long relationships and develop a talent pool for tomorrow's talent, whether they’re hired or not. Our solution manages the recruitment and talent management lifecycle process, using data, machine learning, AI and expertise, we enable organisations to maximise this opportunity and revolutionise how they hire early careers talent into the organisation.

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