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At FutureMatch, we connect your company with the best early-career talent to suit your needs giving you a competitive advantage over each stage of the recruitment process

Our People, Our Platform, Your Success

Shared Experience

As early careers and talent acquisition professionals working on both sides of the table (in-house, agency, and RPO), we've witnessed the challenges of accessing career advice, guidance, and opportunities. Our story is rooted in the shared experiences and frustrations uniquely placing us to best understand the difficulties in connecting the dots from identifying, engaging, and converting early career talent. We've seen, first-hand, the disconnect between the education ecosystem, employers, and early career talent. We get it!

What Do We Do?

FutureMatch is not a recruitment agency; we are a recruitment marketing tech company. Our iON platform leverages AI, machine learning, data, and expertise to streamline and enhance the talent acquisition process. We help organisations hire talent at scale efficiently and effectively, reducing cost-per-hire, time-to-hire, and increasing retention rates. Integrating with all major HR platforms, from Workday to Oracle, our platform empowers talent acquisition teams with the right tools and data to make better-informed decisions, resulting in improved recruitment outcomes.

Future Talent

Our clients often face challenges such as limited access to future talent, low retention rates, lack of diversity, poor candidate quality, and mismatches between candidates and team culture. Hiring early career talent is hard work; organisations struggle with where to find talent, how to engage with target talent, and understanding the supply and demand in the market. These issues lead to mismatched talent, low retention rates, and higher attrition rates within the first 12 months, impacting the bottom line from the cost spent to hire to time invested.

Our mission is to change that.

We aim to transform how organisations target and convert talent into highly engaged and well-matched applicants. By combining our AI platform with our years of expertise, we can solve these challenges and enable talent acquisition teams to connect with and hire the best talent for their organisations. FutureMatch is revolutionising the way early career talent and organisations connect, enabling both to thrive through a cost-effective, efficient, and fair hiring process.

What makes us different?

Our holistic approach to talent acquisition sets us apart. We connect those crucial dots between employers, roles and talent. We understand the early career ecosystem from schools, colleges, and universities, to the gap between leaving education and finding your dream career. We support the end-to-end process of targeting, engaging, matching and converting the right talent, placing them in the right roles at the right time.

Future Match CEO Kufa Matiya

About our CEO, Kufa Matiya

Kufa Matiya is a seasoned expert in early career talent acquisition, specialising in top-of-the-funnel strategies. With 25 years of experience in talent lifecycle management and talent acquisition, Kufa has spent the past decade focusing on early careers, working extensively with schools, colleges, and universities, making him a leading figure in the field of early career talent recruitment.

As a second-time founder, Kufa successfully scaled a careers tech startup from a team of 2 to 45, partnering with 35 schools and 2 colleges showcasing an impressive track record in recruitment outsourcing and managing volume hiring for large and enterprise-sized organisations. 

“Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was - and still the most important thing we do.” - Matt Benioff - CEO and Co-Founder of Salesforce

Redefining Early Career Recruitment

When early career talent applies for roles, it's more than just a yes or no decision; it’s embarking on a journey that allows organisations to build career-long relationships and develop a future talent pool, regardless of immediate hiring outcomes. Our solution oversees the entire recruitment process, from identifying unique and exceptional early career talent to ensuring high retention rates within that pool. We empower organisations to capitalise on this opportunity, transforming how they attract, hire, and nurture early career talent.

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